Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Dimensions | Size In Pixels Inches And cm

Facebook Timeline has attracted a lot of people since it is launched on 24 Jan 2012. However it was available since November, but it was made mandatory on Jan 24th. People were using only a profile pic till that time but now they need a Timeline Cover Photo.
However facebook has provided some methods to use photos from your albums and crop them into correct size to fit your Facebook timeline, but some expert users can design their own Facebook Timeline Cover Photo so that it looks much better.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Dimensions

Advanced users need Dimensions to FB Cover Photo to design it using some image editor. Here bestrix.blogspot.com will provide Facebook Cover Photo dimensions in pixels inches and cm.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Size in Pixels

  • Width : 720 px
  • Height : 265 px

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Size in Inches

  • Width : 4 Inch (300 dpi)
  • Height : 1.5 Inch (300 dpi)

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Size in cm

  • Width : 10.8 cm
  • Height : 4 cm
Here is an example of an attractive FB Cover Photo to give you inspiration to create one

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  1. I don't get this at all! I'm an illustrator looking to draw my cover photo and have it show up on a large computer with no pixelation. if was to draw something 4cm by 10.8cm surely that would be waaay to small and would just pixelate? Should I double it so that the proportions are maintained?

    1. Yes you can do it. But one better option is that you can set a higher DPI for the images that you are creating. Normal value of DPI is 72. But you can set it to 150 DPI and then your images will not pixelate.