Classic 15 Slide Puzzle Game - The Number Board

If you have got some brain, then you will find this puzzle addictive. You must have played this game in your childhood (at least i have played). As i remembered it, i tried to make a online version of this game, so that i can play it anytime anywhere. Even kids love to play it and it improves their visual thinking capability. If you or your kid like to play with numbers and logic then it will be fun for you.

Classic 15 Slide Puzzle Game

Before clicking in "Start Game", just take a look at the number blocks, as you have to arrange them in the same sequence.
Rule: You can move any block adjacent to white/blank block into its place.

How to create a Timer with Start Stop Buttons in Javascript

Calculating time in seconds or milliseconds is sometimes necessary in javascript programming, especially if you are creating some games or animation. This page contains a simple code of javascript timer with "Start" and "Stop" buttons. If you have some basic knowledge of JS Programming then you will easily understand the logic behind it. You may utilize it to make your own timer with little bit of change in coding as per your requirement.

Running version of Script:

0 Seconds

    <input id="btnStart" type="button" value="Start" onclick="timestart();" />
    <input id="btnStop" type="button" value="Stop" onclick="timestop();" />
     <h3><span id="timer">0</span> Seconds</h3>
<script type="text/javascript">
        var check = null;
        var timespent=0;
        var displayfrequency=100; // in milliseconds
        var decimalplaces=1;  // seconds to be displayed in points
        function timestart() 
              var startTime =;
              check = setInterval(function () {
              var elapsedTime = - startTime;
              document.getElementById("timer").innerHTML = (elapsedTime / 1000).toFixed(decimalplaces);
                  }, displayfrequency);

        function timestop() 

In the above script variable displayfrequency can be adjusted to change the duration after which time displayed in changed. Similarly decimalplaces can be adjusted to change the decimal point of seconds dispalyed. Just play by changing these values and you will understand their usage.

Image Puzzle Game for Kids (2 - 3 Digit Maths)

This is a simple image puzzle to motivate your kids to indulge in Maths. If the sums are solved correctly, the image will start to emerge. Just play it and you will understand it.

2-3 Digit Maths Image Puzzle


Hiding a DIV in HTML with or without Javascript

Sometimes we need to hide a DIV in a HTML page. There are various ways to do that. Some of them includes usage of Javascript, while some of them don't. However if you learn the usage of Javascript then you can control it more easily. Without wasting the time let me show you the methods.

Overlapping a DIV with another and adjusting its Opacity

While working with HTML in web designing, sometime we need to overlap a div with another. Those who do it for the very first time find it difficult to do that. Here i have provided a simple example to make it easier for you to do it.

3 Digit Plus and Minus for Kids

This calculator will help those kids who are learning addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers. Parents will also save a lot of time that they spend in writing questions and then checking them. It will help your kid in learning faster. Once you use this application you will automatically recommend it to others.  Try it once !

Adding background image in a HTML Form through Javascript

It is an easy task to add background image to a HTML form. But i wanted to hide this feature in a javascript, so that only a person running the form will see that background image and nobody can copy-paste my form based application into his website without my background. I have seen people coping my scripts, so i started to use JS obfuscator (that is another story). Here i will tell you how you can add the background image code inside a javascript.

Two Digit Plus and Minus for Kids

Addition and Subtraction takes a lot of practice in the beginning. Parents often struggle to write sums for their kids and then check them with full concentration. Here we have made a script to do it for you. It will give different sums every time and also check them for you. It will also prepare a complete summary to show how your kids performed in PLUS and MINUS sums. Success rate for both types of problems will be displayed in summary. Try it once and you will feel it really useful.


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Calculate your Age on a Certain Date (Age Calculator)

Calculating you age in Days, Months and Years can be done easily by this calculator. The best fact about this age calculator, which makes it better then any other calculator on internet is that it considers the extra day in a leap year. Most of the other calculators consider a year of just 365 days and forget about the 29th Feb that comes after every four years.

Percentage Calculator Online for BTech, BE, Graduation (Free Tool)

Calculating percentage was never so easy. Just enter your marks and get the percentage instantly. This calculator can be used for both semester and annual system, ranging for different number of years. Even a single year course student can calculate his/her percentage using this calculator.

Percentage Caclulator

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