Uploading Signature of 10KB 20KB 50KB Image Size

A number of guys and girls need their scanned signatures to upload on a website while applying for a government job. Its a tough task for beginners and require help of some expert. However its not as tough as it seems to be. Sometimes there is a limitation of size in KB. Different websites have different criteria for scanned signatures, such as signature should be on a white paper will a black / blue pen and the size of image should not be more than 10KB, 20KB or 50KB (one of the most important things). Here we will help you with all these things.

Signature of 10KB 20KB 50KB Image Size

Here are a few steps to scan and resizing your signature in a perfect way.

  • First thing you need to do is sign on a blank white paper with a black or blue pen (whichever is required by the website)
  • Now get the image scanned by a scanner. Usually scanners scan images at high DPI (depth per inch) to get accurate image. You may decrease the DPI setting and then scan the signature for less size.
  • If you don't have access to scanner then you may also take it picture through a digital camera or mobile camera. Make sure the picture is taken under good lighting conditions. now transfer that picture to your PC. 
  • Now you have to crop the image. Make sure that no extra space is there except the signature as it will only increase the size of image.
  • After cropping the image check its size. If it is still more than required then either you can use MS Paint (provided by default in all Windows PC) or you can use a online tool to decrease the size.
  • How to decrease the size using MS Paint Brush: Read More
  • If you are not an expert in using MS Paint then you can use the Online Image Size Reducer Tool.

Now you can easily use the correct size file to upload on the website. This task is not as tough as it seems to be.
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