How to Embed a PDF file in a Website using HTML Code

You must have seen a number of websites, showing pdf files directly on their webpages instead of giving a download link for that pdf file. You can also do it on your own blog or website. will demonstrate how to do it using a very simple method.

 How to Embed a PDF file in a Website using HTML Code 

You have to use very simple HTML code to embed a pdf file in your website. It would be better if the PDF is of your own and uploaded on server. Just collect the link of the PDF file and then follow the following steps to embed PDF on your website.
1) Open the HTML code of the Webpage on which you want to embed the PDF file.
2) Go to the exact location where you want to show it on your webpage.
3) Add the following code :
 <embed src="URL_of_the_PDF_file.pdf" width="550" height="750"></embed>
4) URL of the PDF file be added in the src field. Width and Height can be adjusted according to the display space on your website.
Given below is a simple example of one such PDF file. I hope you will use this simple code to embed PDF files on your webpages.

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  1. if internet download manager(IDM) has installed, embedding not works.. how to solve this??

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