How to Reduce Image File Size in Paint (Decrease JPG file size)

Paint the most popular image editing tool which is available in Microsoft Windows. Sometimes people struggle with different softwares to reduce the Image File Size. However Paint can't can't do some complex tasks but it can reduce the image size by resizing it. Here resizing means that you can reduce the pixels in the image and thus reduce its size.

How to Reduce Image File Size in Paint

I am using Windows 8 Paint to reduce the image file size. But steps described here are almost same in all windows. Follow the following steps to reduce the size of a Image file.

  • Open the image in Paint.
  • Then go to Home tab, Image Group and then go to Resize
  • Here you will get option to resize the image by Pixels and by Percentage. You can choose any one of them. 
  • If you choose pixels then pixel size of original image are displayed in the boxes below. You can reduce the pixels as per your wish. Make sure that "Maintain Aspect Ratio" is checked. If its not checked then image width/height ratio will be disturbed and you might not like it.
  • You can also choose to reduce the image size by percentage. But make sure that "Maintain Aspect Ratio" is checked.
  • Once the pixels are reduce, then you can save the file from File menu. If you choose the "Save" option from "File" menu, then same image file be replaced with new image of lesser size. But better option will be to choose "Save As" option from file menu, as it will keep both files, so that you can compare them later. 

Decrease JPG File Size

So here we told you how to decrease the image size by using Paint in Windows. Mostly we use JPG image format to stores files in computers. Its the most widely used image format in all devices such as digital cameras. mobile phones and computers. But Paint can be used to decrease file size of a number of different formats apart from JPG. Some of these formats are PNG, BMP and GIF .
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