Increase Youtube Views : Secret Free Tricks and Methods

Youtube is the best video sharing platform on the internet and most of the internet marketters try to use it earn some money. But getting views on youtube videos need some planning and use of some secret tricks to increase the views. Here will discuss those secret tricks and methods to help you in increase youtube views.

How to Increase Youtube Views

Before getting on the topic of increasing views you should plan the topic of your video. Always make something new, which nobody else have made yet and which is in demand or will be in demand. Once you are sure about the topic, make the video with the resources available to you. Now before uploading you need proper keyword researching for your video as i have done for my article. Youtube provide you the option to add your keywords to the video description. A good description of your video also helps it in getting the views. If you have added proper keywords and description then chances of it ranking higher and getting more views is much more.

Most of the people try to search for free softwares and secret tricks to increase the youtube views. But there are no such tricks or softwares. Real trick is your hard work on the legal SEO practices and get genuine views. There are some services which provide fake likes and comments on your views in return of backlinking, but will suggest you to keep yourself away from such practices and it may result in bad consequences. As Google and Youtube are evolving they are finding ways to track such illegal likes and  comments, and finally removing those videos and channels.

Good Practices to Increase Youtube views

  • Follow Legal and Genuine SEO Practices
  • Do proper research for topic of Video
  • Make good keywords for your video and use them in Title of Video and Description of Video
  • Make a video of your own and try to make it attractive so that visitors view it completely. The longer they stay on your video, the more your video will rank in Youtube Search.
  • Never get indulged in downloading and using illegal softwares to increase youtube video views as they will harm you in long run. Genuine ways might take some time but they will be beneficial for you.

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