How to get indexed in Google Fast | Indexing Secret Tips

Those who are seriously into website development know the importance of getting your webpages indexed by search engines. Sometimes it takes a long time for search engine spiders to crawl your site, which results in keeping your new pages non-indexed. But there are some tricks to increase the indexing rate of your website, so that search engine spiders crawl your website more frequently.

Here will provide few secret tips to increase the indexing speed of your website. Most recent study of SEO has has provided an insight into Indexing strategy of Search Engines. This secret strategy will be described in the points given below.

How to get indexed in Google Fast ? Secret Tips

  • Use Facebook and create a page for your website. This page will be your fanpage and people can like your website on Facebook. Plus you will get a Facebook Badge which you can use on your website. In addition to that you should use some third-party services that will automatically update your Facebook Page whenever you post something on your website. Facebook is one of the most used sites in world, so search engines give priority to content posted on it. So when your latest article /post was posted on Facebook, its chances of getting indexed by google and other search engines are increased significantly.
  • Similarly you can also use Twitter, and use third-party services to twit on your behalf whenever you upload a post or article on your website.
  • Apart from that you should post your links in comments on different blogs and websites. Make sure that you post you links on those websites which have high page rank (PR) or High Alexa. Due to these links chances of your website getting crawled by search engine spiders will increase much more.
  • You can also post articles on article websites about the content on your website. Upto 3 different links are allowed in such articles.
If you get benefit from these suggention, or if you have some other suggestions then feel free to comment on this post.
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