Windows 10 Technical Preview Launched (Its just Testing)

Microsoft has recently launched the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Its just for the research purpose. You can call it a Beta Version of Windows 10. Its features seems to be a combination of Windows 8 and previous windows. Start Menu of Windows 8 is made better in Windows 10 and search is also provided in the start menu. Interested users can download it from

Windows 10 is expected to be released by mid of 2015. Till then it will gather the feedback from users of Windows 10 Technical Preview and polish it.

Windows 10 will run on a number of devices ranging from smart phones to desktops. Its screen size will range from 4 Inch to 85 inch. It will also be used on servers.

The overview of Windows 10 in the video seems to be good. Especially those who are using Windows 8 and miss the start menu of Windows XP will be the first to order it.
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