Solar Air Conditioners in India with Price 100% Off Grid

As summer is arriving the demand of Air Conditioners will increase in market and also the consumption of electricity. Now a days Solar Power is gaining popularity and people started thing about Solar Air Conditioners. These solar Air Conditioners not only help people in cooling their homes and offices but also save their electricity bill. Apart from saving your bill it saves the public electricity.

Last night i was searching for Solar AC for my office and went through a number of websites that can provide it in my city. However it was a tough task as there were a number of websites for selling Solar Power Air Conditioners but none of them display the price (we have to send an inquiry to them to get the price). At last i settled on the website Indiamart which gives a list of number of suppliers and retailers of Solar AC. The link to that particular page is provided at the bottom of this page.

Before you go to that website to purchase one its better to decide about the type of AC that you want to purchase, otherwise you will be confused with the product description. Also you will need to check that what are the contents of the package.

Types of Solar Air Conditioner

  • Off Grid Solar Air Conditioner: These Air Conditioners work fully on Solar Energy. They don't need any normal electricity supply from your home. These Air Conditioners also need some batteries to store the electricity for the night usage. You need to check the contents of the package if the supply the battery with the Solar AC or you need to buy them separately.
  • On Grid / Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners: These Air Conditioners work on both home electricity supply and Solar Energy. During night time these air conditioners switch back from solar mode to normal electricity mode. In such air conditioners the cost of batteries and few solar panels is saved and thus they cost a little less.

Solar Air Conditioners Price

Now the next thing is the price range of these solar air conditioners

  • 1 Ton Solar Air Conditioner Price starts from Rs 40000
  • As you increase the ton capacity to 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton the price also increases. I tried to search for some low capacity AC such as 0.5 Ton or 0.75 Ton but got nothing. You may try to search for them as smaller ACs will need less number of solar panels and they are sufficient for small rooms or cabins.
  • If you need Solar AC for rural areas the you maybe eligible for some subsidy as some state governments provide subsidy on purchase of solar equipment to encourage the usage of solar energy and reduce governments burden of electricity production.

Before you buy Solar AC

Before purchasing the Solar Power Air Conditioner ensure that you know all details about the contents of the package provided by the seller and warranty on different parts of the package. Warranty provided on different parts such as Compressor, Solar Panels and other parts of AC might be different. Apart from that you also need to check if they provide on-site warranty or not, else you will need to call the technician on your own expense in case of some fault in the equipment.

Where to buy Solar Air Conditioners in India
The above page is the best (as per my research and knowledge). Here you will find a number of retailers and suppliers for different cities of India. Its better if you can find a retailer in your own city as they can provide a better service without any delay.
If i will find some better Solar Air Conditioner retailer then i will update its address on this page.
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