How to find Name of a Vehicle Owner through its Number Plate

Recently i got a Whatsapp message on my mobile stating that now one can find name of owner of a vehicle just by using the number plate (registration number) of that vehicle. After reading this message i got a bit suspicious, thinking it might be another fraud message. There was a number given in that message. You have to send a sms to that number with registration number. Initially i checked that number on Truecaller, which gave the result that 1500 people have reported that number as spam. Still i decided to give it a try.

I sent the message "VAHAN UP11AV6152" to 7738299899. In a few seconds i received a message from VK-VAAHAN .It has got all of my vehicle details including my name as the owner. The message that i got is as follows.

UP11AV6152 [Saharanpur RTO,UP]
RC/FC Expiry:31-May-30
MV Tax upto:(Life Time)

I was amazed to see all these details. As even i was not aware of the fact that my RC will expire on 31 May 2030. Thumbs up to this good scheme. A good effort by government to make some things simple and easy to access.

Steps to know the details of a vehicle:

  • Type a message with Vehicle Registration Number after typing VAHAN. As my vehicle number is UP11AV6152, so i typed the message VAHAN UP11AV6152 .
  • Then this message should be sent to 7738299899 .
  • You will get details within seconds .
Now the question is where this feature can be used. Here is the answer.
  • If you have noticed the number of a vehicle engaged in some road accident.
  • If you have noticed the number of a vehicle indulged in some criminal activity like kidnapping or burglary, chain snatching etc.
  • If you found some suspicious vehicle parked in your locality.
  • If you want to know identity of a person by using his vehicle registration number.
 There is one more place where this feature can be used. Suppose you parked your vehicle in some parking area and got a parking slip in return. Now after some shopping you returned to your vehicle and found out that your slip is missing. Now you can ask the parking person to use this feature and find the name of real owner. Then you can show him your ID Card with your name and get your vehicle back without much hassle.

Note: This feature is only for INDIA. 
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