SBI Debit Card Expiry for BHIM App

Now a days a number of SBI account holders are trying to install BHIM App for cashless transactions. When they try to create a UPI Pin, the BHIM App asks for Debit card details. That's where the problem arises. Some of the old debit cards don't have expiry date (MM/YY) mentioned on it. Here we will tell you how to know your Debit Card Expiry Date.

Once you install BHIM App on your Smartphone and connect your Bank Account to it, then it will ask you to create a UPI PIN. In the process of creating a UPI PIN, it will ask last 6 digits of your SBI debit card and Expiry Date (MM/YY). Most of the old cards have "Valid From" instead of "Valid Upto". Here the SBI Debit Card users find themselves puzzled and don't know what to enter in "Expiry Date".

Here is a simple solution. Add 5 Years and 8 Months to "Valid From".
For Example : If your card shows Valid From: Feb 2012 , then add 5 Years 8 Months to Feb 2012. The final date comes Oct 2017. In MM/YY format its 10/17 .

I hope that it will solve the problem.

If the above solution does not work and you have your internet banking activated then you can check your card detail through netbanking. There you will be able to check the expiry date of your card. This date will be accurate.

There is one more tip. Some of the SBI debit card holders face problem with CVV code, as there is none at the back of card. In that case you may use last 3 digits of your ATM PIN as the CVV Code. For example if your debit card pin is 1234, the your CVV code is 234. 
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  1. First of all I would like to tell you that you need to enter the Expiry date as 01/2049, or you can say its Jan 2049, so by using this Expiry Date on Any Maestro Card you will be able to Generate MPIN for Your UPI App or BHIM app.