Find Websites Copying your content: Secret Google Technique

Content copying is serious problem for professional bloggers. If somebody use your content without letting you know then nothing irritates you more than that. But good thing is that we can avoid it just by taking some simple precautions.
I used word precautions, because i am not going to ask you to use a widget or script to stop this. The purpose of this post is to be helpful to new bloggers who are not so tech-savvy.

So here we go :
Step 1: Use name of your blog or website in each post. There is no need to hyperlink it. Just use plain name. As i can use Now if someone copies your content, then most probably your blog/website name will be there. Because such copycats only remove links (as they appear blue). They don't have time read complete post and edit it. 
Step 2: Now search for your site name "" (with inverted commas) on google once in a week (Like shown in the image below). On first few pages you will find links of your own site. But afterwards you might find sites which are copying your content.
Step 3: Now suppose you find a site "" and you want check how many posts it has copied.
Now you have to search for "" .
Step 4: Now you can contact these website admins to remove those posts. If they don't then you can ask google to remove them from their SERP.

We will discuss it on our next post that how you can get copy-cat websites removed from search results of google. 

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