Secret Tricks to Increase your Facebook Page Likes

Facebook Page Likes : Secret Revealed

Facebook is the largest social networking site and therefore the best way of social advertising as well. That is why people want more and more likes on their Facebook Page.
Her i will tell you some simple and easy tips that we don't try most often. First of all i will tell you what not to do. Its most necessary because most of us loose our facebook page because of using illegal methods to increase Facebook Page Likes.

Bad Practices to increase Facebook Page likes:

  • Never buy facebook likes. Some website sell facebook likes, but those likes are not real. Those likes are from fake FB users created by bots. Facebook recognize such likes and your page might get banned due to it.
  • Don't get indulged in Like exchange programs. "You like them" and then "they like you". Such things don't work and consumes lot much time.

Real Secrets to Increase Facebook Page Likes:

  • Try to make your Facebook Page an eye-catcher
  • Invite your friends to like your page
  • Post some status on daily basis to increase interaction. Post photos which can get comments and likes.
  • Post polls and question. They challenge the visitors and they participate in it and thus your page spread to their friends.
  • Use Facebook as your PageName. Like the pages which have more subscribers and post on their wall. Lie the photos and comments which you like on your own page and others page. It will spread you across Facebook.

Genuine ways work after some hard work but they are always best. There are no shortcuts to success.

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  1. Yeah you are absolutely right, we must always try and increase the facebook like and other things without hack.. There are hacking methods but getting likes after your own hard work is best thing :D