How to download Form 16 ?

How to download Form 16 ?

This is a common need of all tax payers in India. Sometimes you need your old form 16 for various documentation issues. However most employers provide it to their employees but you can also download it your self.

Just follow the steps provided below and download Form 16 of previous financial years.
Step 1 : Open Traces Website -

Step 2 : Open "Register as New User" link.
Step 3: Register as a Tax Payer.
Step 4: It will as for your PAN details and TAN number. You will also need to enter amount of tax paid in past year and its month and year.
Step 5: In next step it will ask for your contact details like address, phone and Email.
Step 6: Once you are successfully registered, you can go to the Downloads menu and download Form 16.

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  1. Hi,
    Im trying to register but its showing invalid details.
    i have typed in all correctly. Pls help

  2. Hi,
    Even i face the 'Invalid Details' error inspite of giving the correct details.

  3. After successful registration I logged in and tried to find for form 16 under download button, but there is no option for form 16, there is option of form 16 for property purchaser. Please guide...I want for 16A for year 2010-11