How to Get Good 3G speed at places with bad 3G Network

Mobile companies are upgrading their their services from 2G to 3G to 4G. But still there are number of places where people are struggling to get good quality 3G data connection. I am one of those. But i found a stable solution to this problem and now i am using good 3G data connection, while my nearest telecom tower does not provide 3G service (it provides 2G service).

What 3G Connection Problem i faced ?

I am also using 3G data connection. I was getting good 3G connectivity but recently due to some network issue my connectivity started to switch to 2G (i.e the "E" symbol). Sometimes it goes back to 3G (i.e the "H" or "3G" symbol), but i was struggling to get quality 3G service.

Reason behind the problem

The reason behind this problem was that there was some network issue in the tower nearest to my home. Previously it was providing 3G service but now it was providing just 2G. I use to get 3G connectivity intermittently due to another 3G capable tower, which is a bit far from my home. You can understand the situation by the diagram. In this diagram, there are 2 towers around my home. 2G tower is near and 3G tower is far. But my home falls in coverage area of both of these towers, which is a positive point for me.


The solution was very simple. I just spoke to one of my friend who is expert in such issues and he gave me a quick solution. This solution works best for people like me who are using Android Smartphone. Here is the solution. You have to switch your Network Mode from "GSM/WCDMA (auto mode)" to "WCDMA only" . It means that you are going from automatic 2G/3G selection mode to permanent 3G mode. Once you switch to "WCDMA only" then either you will get 3G connectivity or no data connectivity at all.

Note: This solution won't work for you if you don't fall in the coverage area of any 3G towers. In that case if you apply this solution then there will be no data connectivity in your phone.

I hope this solution will work for most of you, especially if you are getting intermittent 3G network.
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