How to Calculate Walking Distances using Google Maps

Have you ever wondered that if you can calculate the walking distances in your neighborhood without going out of your home. You have reached this page because you might be willing to do so.

Yes its possible to measure the short distances (or walking distance) between two places and also calculate the time required to cover that distance on foot or car. You can do so by using Google maps. Google maps can be accessed through .

Here are the steps to measure the Distance between two locations

  • Open
  • Once the page is loaded, zoom to the location where you want to measure the distance.
  • You will also see a direction dialogue box at top left corner of the page as shown below.

  • Click on the direction link  in that direction dialogue box. It will expand the direction dialogue box, just like shown below.

  • Now click on the location (starting point), from where you want to measure distance. Then it will appear like shown below.

  • Now click on the destination point in the map. Now Google maps will check all routes and their distances (just like shown below).

  • Same routes also displayed on map as shown below.

As you can see that it is one of the best ways to measure the distance through different routes and time taken to cover that distance on foot. If you want to see the satellite view of that route, then this feature is also available in google maps by using the satellite image symbol shown at the bottom left corner on the page.

I hope that this method of measuring short distances will help some of you.  
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