How to make your Password more Secure and Unpredictable

In modern electronic world password is the key to your life. A good password not only secures your social networking but also secures your online banking transactions. Every banking website asks its users to choose a password which is unpredictable by others. Here we will tell you a few important things which will help you in deciding your password.

Before we go for deciding a password, its better to know what should not be your password.

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • your social security number or any other ID number
  • your car / bike registration number
  • date of birth of your spouse, kids, parents
  • name of your spouse, kids, parents
  • The word "password"
  • Series of numbers like "123456789" or "0000000000" or "111111111"

The above mentioned passwords are one of those which are easily predictable and anybody trying to get access to your account will try them. So its better not to use them and if you have already used them then now is the time to change them.

Now here are a few tips to improve the security of your password by making it unpredictable. We will use the password "password" and try to make it more secure.

  • Use Capslock : While generating a password you can use capital letters in it to make it more secure. Fore example "PASSword" is more secure than "password". In most of the cases password are case-sensitive, so this feature should be used in any way. Example : "PaSwOrD" .
  • Use Special Characters: You can sue special characters like @,#,$,& to make your password unpredictable. These characters can be inserted anywhere in your password. For example "p@$$word" is better than "password".
  • Use numbers: Just like special characters, numbers can also be used to make your password unimaginable. For Example "Passw0rd" is a better variation of "password". Just by changing a "o" to "0" , i to 1, B to 8, are a few variations that can be used in a password. You may also add numbers in the beginning, end or middle of passwords.
  • Use All of the Above: If you use all 3 tricks listed above in the same password then that password will be completely unpredictable. For Example "p@s$W0Rd" is much more safer than "password" or any other variations listed above. 

Note: Don't use the passwords generated on this page. Use you own brain to generate your own passwords. Don't ask anybody else to help you in choosing a password for you.

Just choosing a right password is not surety of your online transactions being safe.
Know how to save yourself from internet banking frauds.

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